DUI Threshold Lowered For Rideshare Drivers In California

Uber and Lyft are ridesharing companies that may have helped to reduce drunken driving incidents in a number of cities. In California, Uber and Lyft require that a potential driver have a clean record – at least as far as DUI is concerned. Both companies will not hire a person if there is a DUI on their driving record, and in California, that could mean for up to 10 years after a DUI conviction. Previously Uber and Lyft drivers were treated as regular drivers when it came to DUI, but a new California law would lower the DUI threshold to .04, the same as it is for commercial drivers, while passengers are in the car. CBS 8 reports.

The law, which went into effect on July 1st, restricts the amount of alcohol an Uber or a Lyft driver can have in their system when they have passengers in their vehicle.

Before, drivers for the company were treated much like other drivers, with a DUI threshold of .08%. The new law lowers that threshold to .04%, the same amount as those with a Commercial Driver’s License.

John Perdue, an officer with the San Diego Police said that three drivers for rideshare companies were pulled over at DUI checkpoints. All three of the drivers had passengers in the vehicle and were arrested for DUI.

Violators of the DUI rule face not only the legal and financial ramifications of having to fight a DUI charge, but they may be barred from driving for the companies.

Authorities say that instead of testing the new limit, no one should drink and drive, no matter how little alcohol they have ingested.


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