DUI Suspect Shot after Attempt to Grab Weapon


When it comes to avoiding a DUI, the best way is to not drive while under the influence. Fleeing or evading arrest is never a great choice. Nor is attempting to fight the police when they try to make the arrest.

On December 17, 2015, just before 3 am, Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at the 37900 block of 47th street. Employees of a restaurant, reportedly a Taco Bell, had called authorities to report that a vehicle had crashed into the building.

Upon arrival, the deputies began checking the driver of the vehicle for DUI. While this occurred, the driver was placed in the back of a patrol unit. Deputies eventually made the decision to arrest the suspect and went to place him in handcuffs. The suspect began fighting with deputy in an attempt to resist arrest.

Other deputies on the scene help to bring the fight to the ground. At this point, officials report, that the suspect attempted to grab the deputy’s weapon. The deputy advised his fellow deputies of what was happening and they attempted to subdue the suspect. However, it is reported that the suspect refused to let the deputy’s weapon go. During the altercation, the suspect was shot.

The local deputies and emergency personnel all attempted to provide the suspect with aid. Unfortunately, the suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospital. All of the deputies involved received minor injuries in the struggle. Most of these injuries involved cuts, bruises and abrasions.

Inside the suspect’s car, deputies found a blue-steel pistol and a large baggie of marijuana.

Anyone with any information about the situation is asked to call LA Crimestoppers.

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