DUI Suspect In Custody After Fatal Crash

A large group of off-duty Georgia firefighters came into town to enjoy all that Los Angeles and surrounding areas have to offer. What they didn’t expect was that tragedy was just around the corner.

According to ABC7, the firefighters went to Venice, cruising along Ocean and Washington.  It was around 10pm.  Out of nowhere, a suspected DUI driver struck their vehicle and another one, causing a three-vehicle crash.  Their world was immediately turned upside-down. 

One firefighter is dead this morning. The other two who were in the vehicle were both taken to the hospital for their injuries. The other car had a couple in it, and both of the people there were uninjured. The DUI driver has been taken into custody.

This is another example of how the best of times can turn into the worst of times in a matter of minutes. Several LAPD and LAFD vehicles showed their deference to one of their own as they flanked the coroner’s van while it carried the body away from the scene.

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