DUI Suspect Found After 16 Years

California is one of the largest tourist destinations in the United States. Like many people on vacation, you may choose to drink. If you then choose to drive and are arrested for DUI, it could affect your driver’s license in your home state. The officer will not confiscate your license but will tell you that your right to drive in California has been suspended for thirty days. If you have to attend court proceedings but have already traveled home, you can appoint an attorney to attend the hearings and if necessary, the trial on your behalf. However, if you are sentenced to jail time, you may have to return to California to serve it.

The Statesman Journal reports on an Oregon man wanted for a deadly DUI crash in Oregon being arrested in Los Angeles 16 years after the accident.

Following an October 2002 crash, Isidro Abarca-Cruz had an arrest warrant issued for his arrest for his role in the accident.

Accord to Oregon police, Abarca-Cruz, then 21, was headed north on River Road South when the Ford Escort he was driving began to skid sideways beneath a railroad trestle.

The car slammed into the concrete trestle on the passenger side of the vehicle. 21-year-old Raymond Soto was in the car at the time of the crash in the front passenger seat. Also in the vehicle was 24-year-old Simon Barrera, 24.

Both Abarca-Cruz and Soto were rushed to a hospital in critical condition. Barrera did not survive the accident.

Just over a year following the crash, a Marion County District Attorney indicted Abara-Cruz on charges of second-degree manslaughter, third-degree assault, and DUI.

The warrant remained unserved until Abarca-Cruz parked in an alley, blocking traffic. A deputy made contact with him and discovered the warrant. Abara-Cruz was arrested on December 10th in Los Angeles and extradited to Salem, Oregon, the following Monday.


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