DUI Standoff Ends With K-9 Help

When a police officer catches a person driving under the influence, many stop like they should and are peacefully arrested for their crime. Some will lead officers on a chase. Others may try and fight being arrested while the officer attempts to carry out their duty. Those who try and resist may be charged with a violation of California Penal Code Section 148(a) PC: Resisting Arrest. It is a broad charge that can encompass numbers of behaviors. Intentionally trying to keep a peace officer or an EMT from performing their duties can result in this charge. CBS Local Los Angeles reports on a standoff with a reported DUI driver that ended when police brought in a police dog.

The episode began when police received a report of a driver hitting a trash can. The motorist then refused to stop his vehicle when police approached him, instead choosing to flee to the 55 Freeway and then exiting on the 91 westbound.

The driver exited the 91 westbound and stopped his car at Lincoln Avenue and Batavia Street. The driver, whom officers suspect of being under the influence, refused to exit his vehicle. After about 4 hours, armored vehicles from Anaheim SWAT arrived on the scene.

The suspect opened and closed his door numerous times. Officers attempted to make him exit the vehicle by firing non-lethal pepper balls inside. The man still refused to exit the vehicle.

The suspect was finally dragged from his vehicle by a police K-9 after a five-hour standoff. He was treated for the dog bites that he received in the ambulance and arrested.


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