DUI Rumors Swirl Around Sheriff’s Deputy Charged With Murder

KTLA reported that an off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was charged with murder in connection with a crash that killed his passenger and injured two others. However, the victim’s family believes that DUI charges need to be added.

The crash happened last July. Witnesses say that the deputy was speeding and went over a median, crossed two lanes of traffic, and hit a light pole. The family of the slain victim is sure that the off-duty deputy was drunk at the time because the victim took video of them all drinking shots at Hennessey’s Tavern in Redondo Beach.

“You’re drinking, you’re driving, you’re racing another car,” the victim’s mother told KTLA. “And we were told that the only reason why he was not arrested was because they were not aware of his drinking until after two hours after the investigation.”

The local police who investigated the scene said they did not give the deputy a field sobriety test due to his injuries. It also took months for the case to get started due to a paperwork delay.

In addition to murder, the deputy faces charges of reckless driving on a highway causing injury and an allegation of causing great bodily injury. The report does not say if a blood draw was taken at the hospital.

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