DUI Penalties for Lawyers can Risk Career Loss

When lawyers get arrested for DUI incidents, they can face special penalties from the bar. A lawyer from the Lakewood area is now facing these extra penalties after a conviction. The Northern California Record explains.

The attorney has been placed on two years of probation by the state bar for his role in an incident of DUI where he was heavily intoxicated. The BAC accounts from the court report show he was at .222, near three times the legal limit. Worse, two children were with him at the time of the crash, which gave him a charge of child endangerment. Thankfully, no one was injured.

The original punishment was going to be a one-year suspension from practicing law, but thanks to a three-judge review and several character witnesses, the attorney was able to get probation instead. The lawyer had been in good standing with the bar since 1987 and had no previous problems.

Emotional situations can push us to drink and drive, but we must resist the urge to do so. For certain professions, DUI conviction can ruin a career, especially ones where sober thinking are a requirement for the position like law. It’s not worth the risk to drink and drive if you have a high-status career.

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