DUI Offender Who Injured Marine Caught Again For DUI

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are people who cannot keep themselves from driving DUI. Even getting a single conviction of DUI can cause trouble that can follow you for years. It gets much worse if you get a second one.

My News LA reports that a woman convicted of drunk driving in 2012 has been charged with a new DUI offense, this time with a hit-and-run and other charges. The second crash happened in Tustin. No other details have been released about that crash.

The suspect’s first DUI offence caught a lot of attention. She rear-ended a motorcycle in 2011 at a red-light, nearly killing a decorated Marine. He was left comatose for two days and suffered paralysis, along with partial decapitation, a lacerated kidney and liver, and bleeding on the brain.

In that crash, she picked up her bumper and put it in her SUV, then drove off. Witnesses followed her home and caused police. She served a sentence of four years and four months in prison for that offense. Now, with this new DUI charge, the odds are high she’ll be back in jail again.

We sincerely wish this woman receives the help she needs to overcome her alcoholism. 

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