DUI Is Expensive!


A DUI is not only something that can follow you well into your future, it can be financially taxing as well. Along with fines and fees, getting car insurance becomes more difficult and expensive and there can be financial reparations to any that may be injured as a result of your DUI charge.

According to the Auto Club of Southern California, the price tag for a DUI is $16,000. That’s a minimum cost and doesn’t include the costs if your DUI comes with injuring or killing other people or yourself. That can really put a crimp in your holidays. The best way to save that money is to make sure you have a ride if you plan on imbibing.

The Los Angeles Police Department is trying to help people make better decisions by letting the public know where they will be located while performing their anti-DUI checkpoints. Places to be on the lookout for this past weekend were:

From 8 p.m To 1 a.m. on Friday, they had a checkpoint located at Sepulveda Boulevard at Parthenia Street in North Hills. They had two checkpoints on Sunday – on in the Topanga Division area of San Fernando Valley and another at Imperial Highway at Compton Avenue in Watts.

We hope everyone stayed safe over the weekend and will continue to stay safe every time that they decide to engage in holiday festivities.

If you or someone you know has been accused of DUI, contact our offices to discuss your case. Our attorneys specialize in DUI defense.

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