DUI Hit-and-Run Suspect Injures Several Pedestrians in Silver Lake

The driver of a Tesla is facing several felony charges, including DUI hit-and-run after he ran his vehicle into a home and struck several pedestrians as he attempted to flee the scene. 

KTLA reports that the crash happened in the 1300 block of Maltman Avenue in Silver Lake at approximately 11;30 p.m. on Friday, January 13.

Footage taken from a Ring security camera shows the driver of a white Tesla with significant front-end damage shown in the driveway of the residence. Police investigators believe that the damage to the vehicle was caused by the car ramming into the home’s garage.

Several eyewitnesses in the vicinity at the time of the crash are shown in the video gathered around the Tesla. The visibly intoxicated driver stumbles back into his car and back into the driver’s seat despite concerned calls by the people around him.

Two people, one holding a small dog, attempted to get the driver out of the car. Instead, the driver put the car into reverse, injuring those two people and dragging them several feet as he fled the scene.

The Tesla stopped briefly in the street before hitting several other cars, including a city vehicle and a sign. The driver again attempted to drive off, but the car had become inoperable. 

The driver attempted to flee the scene on foot, but police officers caught up to him a short time later and placed him under arrest. He has been identified as 52-year-old Jamie Koz.

One of the two dragged people was taken to an area hospital in critical but stable condition. The second reported only having suffered minor injuries. Others may also have been injured in the incident; however, authorities have not confirmed it so far.

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