DUI Drug Stop Leads To Police Chase

For the most part, a Drug DUI, sometimes abbreviated as DUID, in California is treated exactly the same as a DUI involving alcohol. Of course, the exception is that if suspected of a DUID, authorities may request a blood or urine test. Usually, you can request another type of test, such as a breath test. However, because drugs do not register on a breath test, refusing a blood or urine test and requesting a breath test can be seen as a refusal to submit to a chemical test, which can lead to worse penalties. In addition, if the drug in a person’s system is one of the harder drugs such as cocaine, meth, heroin, etc., that person can also be charged with illegal drug use.

The Oceanside Patch reports on a woman who led police on a chase before crashing in a suspected DUI drug incident.

The incident occurred last Thursday when a woman in a rental car led police on a chase from Carlsbad to Oceanside.

Police tried to pull 26-year-old Sonya Labastida of San Diego over for a traffic violation on Poinsettia Lane. Labastida failed to yield to the police officer and a chase ensued.

Labastida entered nearby Interstate 5 and proceeded to head north for about seven miles before exiting on Oceanside Boulevard. She first went west and then turned north on South Coast Highway.

At Mission Avenue, Labastida careened off of another vehicle and then came to a halt when she crashed into a building.

Labastida Was arrested, but officers took her to a nearby medical facility for evaluation when she complained of pain. Two women who were also in the vehicle were detained for questioning.

Labastida is facing charges of driving under the influence of a controlled substance, evading arrest, and possession of stolen property.

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