DUI Driver Should have been Deported Long Ago

North Hills experienced a tragic drunk driving crash a few days ago. More tragically, the man responsible for the crash shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place. NBC Los Angeles reported on the case.

The driver crashed at high speed into the driver’s side of another vehicle, killing the mother. Her son tried to revive her to no avail. Police had to pull him away. The driver responsible was charged with multiple felonies, but something else was also uncovered.

ICE had tried deporting the man five times since 1998, but he was still in the country. ICE is now negotiating with the local police to gain custody of the man, but given the charges against him he may never get outside of an American prison for the rest of his life. Prosecutors plan to try him for murder and vehicular homicide while intoxicated among other charges.

Those who ignore the law willfully like this over years need to be dealt with. The family has wondered whether their family member would be alive today if this man had been properly deported in the first place. Sadly, it took this case to finally get him off the streets.

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