DUI Driver Learns Fate, Gets 11 Years

A 22-year-old woman involved in a fatal DUI crash last year has finally learned her fate.

On August 9, 22-year-old Katie McGrosso was sentenced to 11 years in prison.  

McGrosso had pleaded guilty in May to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and DUI causing injury.

After the September 25, 2015, accident that killed Lorraine Kennedy of Brenham, Texas and seriously injured her husband, David Sandel, McGrosso had been charged with second-degree murder.  Had she been convicted, she could have faced life in prison.

Travis Kennedy, the son of the woman who was killed said that the family agreed to accept McGrosso’s plea to a lesser charge.  He said that his mother would have forgiven the woman, even though he is not yet able to do so.

At McGrosso’s arraignment hearing, Deputy District Attorney Cally Bright told the judge that McGrosso had gone to a restaurant after work where she consumed a vodka and a shot of fireball whiskey.  She then went on to have four shots of sake at a sushi bar.

McGrosso then drove to Lakeside, where she was traveling at high speeds with her headlights turned off.  It was in the 12200 block of Woodside Avenue when she struck the victims, who had been crossing the street.

Lorraine Kennedy ended up on McGrosso’s windshield and her husband was thrown more than 100 feet.  McGrosso also suffered major injuries in the accident.  At the hospital, McGrosso’s blood-alcohol level was measured at .12 percent.

McGrosso admitted to having a previous DUI charge, obtained when she was 17.

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