DUI Driver Ends Up In Three County Pursuit

In California, the threat of getting a DUI is enough to make some drivers attempt to evade a police officer. This can compound DUI charges by adding what is known as an “enhancement” charge of evading. Depending on the circumstances, the evading charge can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. If the fleeing suspect breaks other traffic laws such as speeding or running traffic lights in addition to the DUI charge, the evading charge can also be a felony. This may also upgrade the DUI to a felony as well. The Record Searchlight reports on a suspected DUI driver who also attempted to evade police, leading to a chase.

38-year-old Kassandra Wilson of Foley, Minnesota, was arrested on Monday on charges of suspected DUI after attempting to evade police, leading to a chase that spanned 3 counties.

The chase began at about 4:15 a.m. when a California Highway Patrol officer noticed signs of possible impairment and attempted to pull Wilson over. The initial attempt to stop Wilson occurred in Siskiyou County.

Wilson failed to stop and continued driving on I-5 into Shasta County. Wilson was allegedly driving at speeds of 70 to 100 mph.

An initial attempt to stop Wilson in Shasta County using a spike strip was unsuccessful. However, a second spike strip was placed down in Tehama County was successful.

Despite the spike strip, Wilson continued on I-5 to Adobe Road and continued for several blocks. She then lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the center median at Luther Street. The car’s engine caught fire and Wilson was taken into custody.

Wilson suffered from a broken leg in the collision. She was taken to a hospital for treatment and then later taken into custody.

Wilson is facing charges of evading police, DUI, and unlicensed driving.

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