DUI Driver Crashes Into a Tree in San Bernardino

On Scene TV recently posted dashcam video footage released by the San Bernardino Police Department showing a young woman suspected of DUI hitting a tree and being arrested.

Authorities say that the driver was driving erratically and almost hit a paramedic unit in Colton. The paramedics followed the suspect vehicle to San Bernardino, where the driver crashed into a tree in the center median of the roadway.  

After the impact, which caused the deployment of the front airbags, the driver managed to continue driving. This time she was headed the wrong way on E Street. The badly damaged vehicle finally came to a stop where San Bernardino Police Officers intercepted her.

As the woman exits the vehicle, a San Bernardino Police officer confiscates her smartphone. It is unclear if she was also texting and driving at the time of the crash.

After a belligerent confrontation with the officer, she is handcuffed and placed under arrest. Additional San Bernardino Police units also responded to the scene.

According to San Bernardino Police Lt. Tom Toth, the woman, who was intoxicated at the time of the crash, was taken to an area hospital to treat a broken arm. No other injuries were reported.

San Bernardino authorities have not yet released the identity of the driver.

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