DUI Crash Suspected As Being Intentional

Generally, a DUI murder charge takes special circumstances to be considered. If a person is charged with DUI murder, it is generally a second-degree murder charge because the death of another person is not intentional, but the driver who drove while under the influence should have known that their actions could cause injury or death to another. Typically, DUI murder, also known as a Watson murder, requires a previous DUI. However, under certain circumstances, DUI can be charged as an intentional murder. The Ventura County Star reports on a man who may be facing murder charges in a DUI crash that authorities suspect may have been intentional.

30-year-old Eduardo Robles was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence following a crash on May 31st.

However, Robles may now face murder charges as authorities have uncovered in their investigation that the crash may have been an “intentional act.”

The multi-vehicle crash happened at about 2:25 p.m. in the 200 block of East Telegraph Road, also known as Highway 126 in Ventura County. Robles was traveling west along Highway 126 when he rear-ended the sedan in front of him. The impact caused the car to spin out, coming to a rest in the eastbound lanes, where a tractor-trailer collided with the car, killing the driver.

Two passengers in the car were seriously injured. A third passenger suffered from moderate injuries. The name of the deceased driver was not released.

Robles is currently being held on $700,000 bail while authorities investigate whether the DUI crash was an intentional act.


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