DUI Crash in Santa Rosa Leads Police to Discover Ghost Gun & Narcotics

The Press-Democrat reports that a 19-year-old Santa Rosa man suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol ended in police officers discovering a ghost gun and drugs in the suspect vehicle. 

According to the statement released by the Santa Rosa Police Department, 19-year-old Luis Fajardo Melgoza was placed under arrest after his Honda Accord collided with a parked Toyota Camry.  

When officers responded to the scene in the 2000 block of Pinecrest Drive, they found the Honda overturned onto the driver’s side of the vehicle while the parked Toyota sustained heavy damage from the collision.

Fajardo Melgoza suffered only minor injuries in the crash and was arrested at the scene by police officers on suspicion of the misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

After obtaining a warrant, police searched Majardo Melgoza’s home in the 2000 block of Pioneer Way. They found a Polymer 80 handgun, otherwise known as a “ghost gun, “ equipped with a high-capacity magazine. Police also found narcotics, including cocaine and fentanyl. 

Investigators believe Fajardo Melgoza may have been illegally manufacturing ghost guns at his residence. Santa Rosa Police Department’s Property Crimes detectives were called in to assist with the investigation just after 2:00 p.m.

Following his arrest and initial investigation into the matter, Fajardo Melgoza is currently facing charges of DUI with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08 percent, felony possession of a controlled substance, felony possession of a firearm, and possession of narcotics with possible intention to distribute. 

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