DUI Crash in Pacific Palisades Leaves One Dead & Six Injured

ABC News in Los Angeles reports a suspected DUI crash near the beach in Pacific Palisades on Sunday has left one person dead and several others injured.

A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson told ABC that the crash happened just before 1:00 a.m. near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset Boulevard when a southbound Dodge Charger collided with several parked vehicles and pedestrians and onto the beach below.

Emergency crews and first responders found three cars that the suspected DUI driver hit and the body of a 32-year-old woman. She had been standing with her family on an overlook of the beach when she was fatally struck. Six additional pedestrians were hurt in the incident. Authorities say that one of the pedestrians is currently listed in critical condition.

According to police, the 21-year-old male driver of the Charger was given field sobriety tests and failed. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. His name had not been released at the time of the report.

“I was sitting in my car, and I heard tire screeches, sounded like a car hit another car,” James Gallardo, a witness to the tragic incident, said. “There was an innocent family sitting down there. I guess they got hit by the car that was racing that went over the edge.”

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