Drunk Driver Stumbles in Police Event


When you’re craving something hard, you sometimes just feel like you’ve got to go get in your car and drive to get what you’re craving. Usually, a good idea. Unless you’ve had a bit too much to drink. You should probably try to find something at home to satisfy the craving.

A woman in Great Falls, Montana, apparently could not deny her craving for frozen yogurt. She drove to a local coffee shop to satisfy her want. She left in handcuffs, probably without her yogurt.

66-year-old Charlene Kranitz had driven to Schulte’s Coffeehouse. Unfortunately, the venue was packed with police officers for a “Coffee with a Cop” community event.

Kranitz, according to reports, simply walked past 15 uniformed officers from five different agencies to get to the frozen yogurt machines. That’s when one of the officers noticed that she was stumbling.

GFPD Lt. Doug Mahlum stated that as Kranitz walked by, he noticed the unmistakable smell of metabolized alcohol.

Mahlum then followed Kranitz to her car, which was incidentally resting against a light pole. He established that she was well over the limit and placed her into the back of his car.

Mahlum asked Kranitz if she had noticed the 15 or so police officers. She responded with a “yes.”

Mahlum said that he was shocked at the woman’s behavior. Especially since his car was parked outside, lights flashing.

Kranitz was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and taken to the Cascade County Detention Center.

The “Coffee with a Cop” event was a huge success.

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