Drunk Driver Receives Huge Sentence

If you get convicted of DUI, getting slapped with around $10,000 worth of fines and hidden payments is not unreasonable. But when others get injured on top of the DUI, or killed, things that are much worse than a financial hit can happen.

The LA Times is reporting on a sentence handed down to a man who crashed into a Mission Viejo house and killed a sleeping man inside. The driver has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a felony count of 2nd-degree murder and an additional six months for related DUI charges.

The driver sped through the neighborhood at 80 mph back in 2013. The neighborhood had a speed limit of 25 mph. He lost control and crashed into the building where the man was. The driver and a passenger in the vehicle only received minor injuries.

Police later discovered the man had a suspended license for a pending DUI case and was convicted of DUI previously. In California, if you are convicted of DUI and you later kill someone while under the influence, you can be charged with murder, as what happened in this case.

The more DUIs you have on your record, the more difficult it is for a DUI attorney to reduce or eliminate the charges. While you should always have an experienced DUI lawyer on your side, not all charges can be dropped or defended against. It all depends on the circumstances.

But it is always better to have an experienced lawyer than to face the court alone. If you have been charged with DUI and you live in the Los Angeles area, contact our offices immediately for a consultation. You only have a few days to save your license.


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