Drugs Suspected In Fresno DUI Crash That Ended In Flames

ABC 30 reports that a family of two was killed in a Fresno crash caused by a suspected DUI driver. 

The crash occurred on Wednesday afternoon. 42-year-old Silvia Gonzales is suspected of being under the influence of marijuana and another illegal drug when she caused the accident. 

Gonzales was driving her Honda behind a Mercedes along Colorado Road near Summer when she failed to brake. She was traveling at a high rate of speed when she slammed into the bake of the Mercedes. 

The initial collision forced the Mercedes to spin out into oncoming traffic. It was then hit by a pickup truck. The Mercedes then burst into flames, killing both the driver and the passenger. 

The 38-year-old driver of the pickup truck and the 1-year-old passenger were taken to a local hospital with moderate injuries. 

Gonzales was arrested after officers noticed that she seemed impaired. They found a small box filled with marijuana and rolling papers in the car. 

The two who were killed were grandparents Nick and Janie Flocchini. 

Although they can sound vastly different, as far as penalties go, there is little that is dissimilar from an alcohol DUI and a drug DUI. A drug DUI can be charged for legal, illicit, prescription, and over the counter drugs. Basically, if the substance has the ability to affect a person’s motor skills, judgment, or thought process, it can lead to a DUI charge. 

Cannabis, for example, has been legalized recreationally in California. However, it is still illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis. The penalties are generally the same as an alcohol DUI, though charges can be made if the drug is still in a person’s possession.

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