Driver Who Hit Parking Meters, A Streetlight Pole, And Trees Charged With Misdemeanor DUI

California takes DUI charges very seriously, particularly if a person has previous DUI convictions on their record. Drivers who are facing their first DUI conviction can expect to spend up to six months in jail, probation lasting three to five years, the possibility of having to attend a DUI school, and possibly having to install an ignition interlock. Penalties can get more serious if the person has a previous criminal record or if people were injured or killed in the DUI accident. Subsequent DUI convictions within ten years will result in more serious charges, including the possibility of facing felony DUI charges.

Surf Santa Monica reports that the driver who slammed into a building on Pico has been arrested for DUI.

22-year-old Clinton Jeremiah Hewitt was arrested at the hospital where he was being treated for a broken ankle following the accident.

The accident occurred early Sunday morning. Hewitt had been driving down Pico Boulevard when he hit three parking meters, a streetlight pole, two trees, and a fire hydrant before slamming into a building.

Hewitt and his two passengers all had to be extricated by the fire department using the jaws of life. The two passengers only had minor injuries.

Police are still in the process of investigating the accident. The charge, which is currently a misdemeanor DUI charge, may be upgraded depending on the findings.

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