Driver Trying to Evade DUI Checkpoint Begins Shootout


DUI checkpoints are often set up by police to ensure the safety of other motorists.  While intended to catch those driving under the influence, they also serve to catch those driving on suspended licenses and those driving without a license at all.  Some motorists will attempt to drive through a checkpoint without stopping.  One such attempt led to more than one shoot-out with police in Los Angeles.

A man trying to flee a routine DUI checkpoint in Bellflower later engaged in three separate gun battles with Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.  

Juan Manuel Martinez, 39, attempted to flee the checkpoint late in the evening on Thursday, June 23.  A motorcycle deputy pursued Martinez, who stopped his car and got out, then began firing on the deputy.  The deputy was hit several times.  

After the deputy returned fire, Martinez fled the scene.  When additional deputies responded to the first shooting, a second shootout occurred.  A second deputy was wounded in this shootout. 

A third gun battle occurred immediately after, but no deputies were wounded in that battle.

Martinez fled to a nearby home, taking a hostage in the converted garage.  The hostage was able to escape.

Deputies were able to end the hours-long standoff with Martinez by firing tear gas into the home.  Martinez emerged and was arrested.  He faces several charges, including the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and kidnapping a civilian.

Both officers are expected to survive.  

Martinez is being held on $10 million dollars bond.  It is unclear whether or not he had an attorney.

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