Driver Pleads Guilty in Fatal DUI Crash

Some DUI situations are too severe and have too much evidence to avoid punishment. Sometimes the best thing really is to throw yourself at the mercy of the court. Such a thing has happened in a recent guilty plea reported by NBC Los Angeles.

In 2016, a man got into his car and picked up his kids. The kids were unrestrained in the car. During the drive home, he drifted off the shoulder and overcorrected into oncoming traffic. The driver in the other car was killed instantly. Both children were injured.

Police discovered that the man had a BAC of 0.33, which is an incredibly high BAC level. He has plead guilty to the charges.

His defense attorney says that his client had a problem with drinking due to a 21-year service record. He also said that he tried to get help at the VA six days before the crash but was turned away.

It remains to be seen if these circumstances will play a role in the sentencing. He can face up to 18 years in prison.

It is a tragic situation, but sometimes this is how things turn out. Yet even in dire circumstances like these a defense attorney will do their best to lessen the punishment. There’s no instance where a qualified and experienced defense lawyer is a bad idea.

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