Driver Gets Out After Crash, Charged with DUI for Standing

You don’t have to crash into another person to get suspected of DUI. Just simply weaving over the lines too much can catch the attention of a cop. Any sort of suspicious behavior in a vehicle can make the police think you are intoxicated. And any sort of crash will just raise the odds.

A driver in Costa Mesa has been charged with DUI after he crashed into two light poles near the Triangle Mall. The accident happened in the early morning hours. Police found the man standing near his vehicle near the accident. He was unharmed, but his car and the two light poles were damaged.

For whatever reason, the cops thought this was suspicious enough to arrest him for DUI. Nothing in the news report says why, beyond the fact that he was in a crash.

Getting into a wreck in the early morning is not grounds for a DUI arrest. There are so many other things that could have happened. Fatigue, mechanical failure, road debris, there’s quite a list. To jump to the conclusion of DUI without any evidence isn’t justice, it’s harassment.

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