Driver Charged in Firefighter Death Accident

Firefighters from Georgia were killed on vacation in a story that got national attention. Now the person allegedly responsible for the DUI crash has been charged. NBC Los Angeles has the full story.

He’s been charged with gross vehicular homicide and two counts of DUI. If convicted, he faces 12 years in prison. He has plead not guilty to the charges.

The charged man is alleged to have run a light and t-boned the vehicle that the three firefighters were in back in April. A third vehicle was also hit, but the people in that car were uninjured. One firefighter was killed at the scene and the other two had injuries.

It is unknown when the case will continue from the news story, but it is likely to get a lot of attention. When high-status people get killed or injured it makes the news.

DUI cases are often wrapped up with other charges. Most of the time it’s additional moving violations but it can be much worse like in this case. In desperate situations like this one, you need a strong defense. Your freedom can depend on it.

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