Death In Collision, Police Blame It On DUI

When someone is truly guilty of DUI and successfully convicted, even DUI lawyers are pleased. We know as well as anyone the dangers of DUI drivers on the road. Yet sometimes, the DUI driver pays before they even see the arrest. Sometimes it’s their life that’s the payment.

That’s the case in this story from ABC 7. Two cars collided head-on in Santa Clarita last Friday in the evening. The incident happened near McBean Parkway and Copper Hill Drive. One died and two were critically injured. According to the police, the man that died was DUI and the one responsible for the accident.

Considering the man is dead, we hope that the hospital performed a toxicology test prior to announcing that to the news. After all, the man can no longer defend himself. If they just went on circumstantial evidence, we believe that is unfair to the man and his family. We hope that the other injured passenger in his vehicle recovers and reveals more information.

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