Daughter Struggles to Keep Family Together After DUI

DUI can do more than just take your license away, put you in jail, or make you blow into an interlock device. It can deport you if you are an illegal immigrant. With the increased scrutiny on immigrants from the new administration, some families are fighting back to keep their families together.

CBS Los Angeles reported on one family’s complicated story. A daughter tried to persuade an immigration judge at a hearing to keep her family together after her father was pinpointed for deportation because of a DUI. This isn’t the first time she’s had to protect her family from deportation either. The same daughter asked the Pope to talk with then-president Obama to let her dad stay in the United States.

The attorney of the man says that there was no injuries or collision in the DUI case and that the man has not been in trouble with the law since. Furthermore, he has provided for his five children for the 17 years he’s been in the country illegally.

Three of the man’s children are legal U.S. citizens. The other two children are DACA children, a form of deferred citizenship created by the Obama administration.

Another hearing is scheduled for next month.

If you are an illegal immigrant, you know the trouble you can get into if you’re caught by the law. Even after you pay for a crime, a hostile political climate can put you at risk for deportation. While we cannot help you with immigration issues, we can help you if you are charged with a DUI and live in the Los Angeles area. Call our offices today for a free consultation and we’ll help you fight your DUI charges. Call today.

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