Dangerous Police Chase in North Hollywood

North Hollywood was at the center of several police chases in the same night recently. Only one chase has been linked to DUI, so we will focus on that one. ABC7 has the story on all three.

Los Angeles Police spotted a vehicle with Arizona license plates that they believed was DUI  on northbound 405. After attempting to pull them over, the suspects ran off in the vehicle at high speed through the North Hollywood and Van Nuys neighborhoods. Speeds of 80 MPH were reached on surface roads and over 100 MPH on the highways and interstates. The driver took many risks, weaving in and out of traffic.

Eventually the vehicle stopped and the two people inside ran on foot. The passenger was caught, but the driver is still at large. The driver didn’t hit anyone, but the chase was the trigger for another car to get into a crash.

While this driver did something extraordinarily dangerous, were they DUI while doing it? One could argue that the fact the driver didn’t hit anything over the long chase at such high speeds proves that the driver couldn’t have been intoxicated. Stupid and scared, perhaps, but not intoxicated. Still, even without a DUI charge, there’s still plenty of charges to throw at the driver in this case.

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