DACA Recipient Faces Deportation After DUI Arrest

The Davis Vanguard reports that a woman arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol 18 months ago could become ineligible for citizenship because of a Superior Court judge’s decision.  

Even though the law does allow for DUI diversions in such cases., the woman, a DACA recipient, could end up being deported to a country that she’s never known.

According to the report, the defendant in the case and her husband, a U.S. citizen, went to a bar to celebrate a relationship milestone. The bartender of the bar over-served the couple. After a quick nap in her car, she attempted to drive. She ended up crashing her vehicle into the pillar of the parking garage.

Police responded to the scene and found that besides displaying signs of intoxication, they determined her blood alcohol level to be 0.24 percent – three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Assistant Public Defender Christian Rowland argued that the defendant’s BAC was so high because of her inexperience with alcohol. Even with the defendant’s marriage to a U.S. Citizen and is a DACA recipient, the Public Defender argued that the consequences for a conviction could be dire for the defendant who has no prior arrest record.

Deputy District Attorney, Jordan Pitcher, countered that the defendant had been going an estimated 45 miles per hour inside the parking garage and almost hit several pedestrians during the incident, including a man and his daughter.

Judge Sawtelle agreed with the DA and said that the defendant’s BAC was difficult to reach. The Judge then added that had the defendant crashed into a person rather than a concrete pillar, she would be facing the charge of murder. 

The woman’s trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 16, 2021.

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