DA Manages to Lower Bail in Complicated Case

Even when circumstances seem dire, there are things that a DUI defense attorney can do to help you in a case. Here is an example of the struggles that an attorney can help you with from a recent news story

.A defense attorney managed to get an accused driver’s bail amount reduced significantly. The prosecution wanted $250,000 in bail, but the judge agreed that $150,000 was enough for the facts in the case. The accused is said to have been on meth when she got into a fatal head-on collision on West Ocean Avenue west of Lompoc last October. Police say she was driving the wrong way on the two-lane road.

She had been free on bail, but the court claims that she refused a drug-testing order and wasn’t living at the residence she claimed she was at, so she was arrested again. The defense attorney managed to get the bail lowered back to the original amount. The ability to pay bail is important so accused individuals can settle their affairs prior to trial. It also allows them easier access to legal representation.

There are other fights going on in the case as well over the release of medical records and a separate filing about a potentially illegal gathering of evidence on the part of the police.

Defense attorneys fight hard on behalf of their clients. Don’t face the court without an attorney on your side that’s dedicated to your case. Contact our legal team today if you’ve been accused of DUI in the Los Angeles area. We can help.


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