Councilman Accused of DUI

Accused of DUI

Celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians are often held above the general public.  As such, when they make mistakes, the news reports those mistakes.  Mistakes like potential DUI charges are reported for the world to see and to judge.  

Authorities allege that West Covina Councilman Mike Spence was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a crash last month.

Authorities who responded to the crash at Azusa Avenue and Cypress street at around 12:30 p.m. On June 12 said that Spence was displaying characteristics of being under the influence.  He had crashed his car into a telephone pole in a single-vehicle accident.

After the accident, the councilman was transported to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center where he was cited for a DUI.  Covina police department Sgt. Gregg Peterson said it was not clear whether Spence was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both.  Investigators are awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

Spence admitted to having a problem with alcohol in the past, but that he did not remember the accident.  He also stated that he had been attending alcoholics anonymous meetings, but his busy schedule had not allowed him to go as frequently as he wished.

The councilman suffered serious injuries in the crash, including a broken hip, back, femur, and a couple of broken ribs.  He went through two surgeries at the medical center for a spinal fusion and to repair his hip and femur.  

Spence did make this statement: “I apologize to everyone. It’s wrong. I’m upset and disappointed with myself,” he said. “I’ll get back and that will be another part of my recovery.”

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