Colorado Teen Claims She Flirted Her Way out of a DUI

Social media clout can be a powerful motivator for some to seek the spotlight. According to a recent report posted to Inside Edition’s YouTube page, an 18-year-old from Columbine, Colorado, claimed she was able to avoid a DUI arrest by flirting with the officer who pulled her over.

“I just got out of a DUI and got let off with a warning!” Skyler Fluss claimed with a laugh. She then posted her video on social media. 

Fluss turned on the tears and claimed that she had just gotten out of a nasty, toxic relationship with her boyfriend and that he dumped her. She then claimed that she was given a Breathalyzer test and failed after blowing an almost impossibly high 3.8 percent blood alcohol (BAC) level. This claim is not only many times over the legal limit of 0.8 percent but also higher than the highest BAC on record of 1.48 percent!

Rather than arresting Fluss for being at such a dangerous level of intoxication, she claimed he let her off with a warning and allegedly asked her for her phone number, and said they should meet for coffee or lunch.

An earlier video posted to Fluss’ social media account shows her on that same night drinking tequila straight from the bottle and doing drunken cartwheels down the hallway of a friend’s home.

Out of concern, a citizen contacted the local Sheriff’s Department and alerted them to the girl’s video. Deputy Tyler Stall, who pulled Fluss over, said he was glad he was sitting down when he watched the videos posted to social media. He was also happy he was wearing a bodycam at the time.

Bodycam video tells a different story. Deputy Stall pulled her over because she was weaving. She did say to the officer she was upset from the breakup but admitted to also being on her phone at the time. She also told Deputy Stahl that she had not been drinking at all. 

Out of compassion, he let Fluss off with a warning, but there was no Breathalyzer test, and he did not ask her out.

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