Clown Suspected of DUI

Sad Clown

A DUI is no laughing matter. The charge can have serious, long lasting repercussions that will follow a person for years to come. However, it’s hard not to laugh when the DUI suspect is a clown.

A man in Jefferson County, Alabama was arrested over the first weekend in February on suspicion of DUI and an outstanding warrant.

Joel Sloan, 51, was dressed head-to-toe in a clown costume when police pulled him over. He wore a clown suit and had his face painted up like a clown. He also wore a curly, rainbow colored afro-style clown wig.

Other motorists had reported a car weaving in and out of traffic and driving recklessly. A deputy was able to catch up with Sloan and then pulled him over.

Sloan told the officer that he had partaken of a few drinks at a restaurant. He gave no explanation for the clown costume. Sloan was arrested for DUI and at the time, it was discovered that he also had a warrant for first-degree theft.

Sloan’s bond was set at $2,500. The arresting officer said he thought he had seen it all – until then. He then added that DUI was no laughing matter. “DUI is dangerous,” he said.

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