CHP Officer Killed On I-880

The holidays are a time of gathering and celebration. This is a trend that is reflected in DUI statistics, with 40% of all highway deaths during the holidays being attributable to driving under the influence. That climbs to 41% at Christmas and 58% at New Year’s. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, 1,200 people will be killed in alcohol-related crashes and a further 25,000 people will be injured. CBS Local San Francisco reports on two California Highway Patrol officers, one of whom was killed in a crash on I-880.

33-year-old Andrew Camilleri, a CHP officer, was killed when a red Cadillac slammed into the back of the patrol SUV he was sitting in. Another officer inside the vehicle was also injured.

The two officers were parked on the right side of I-880 near Highway 92 as part of their efforts to patrol the highway on Christmas Eve, just before midnight on Christmas Day.

Both officers were seated in the front seats of the SUV and were wearing seatbelts. Camilleri’s partner, Jonathan Velasquez, was treated and released from an area hospital.

The man driving the red Cadillac was identified as a 22-year-old male from Hayward traveling home from a holiday party. Officers report that the suspect showed signs of being under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. He is in serious condition at the hospital.

Governor Jerry Brown offered condolences to the officer’s family. Flags were flown at half-staff in memory of the officer.

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