CHP Chase of a DUI Motorist Ends in Two Arrests

ABC 7 in Los Angeles reports the California Highway Patrol was led on a chase during heavy afternoon traffic on the 405 Freeway. When CHP officers caught up to them, a man and a woman were arrested. 

The incident began at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17, when police dispatchers received a call about a reckless, possibly intoxicated driver in the Carson area. 

LAPD officers pursued a male driver with a female passenger until the car entered the southbound 405 Freeway, where CHP officers took over the chase. Because of heavy rush hour traffic, the chase only reached speeds of approximately 30 miles per hour.

The driver exited the 405 Freeway at the Inglewood exit, where CHP followed and continued the chase until the driver pulled over near Inglewood and 135th Street. News footage showed a man and woman exiting the vehicle. The man came out of the car holding a French Bulldog.   

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department informed reporters that there had been a report of a potential medical emergency of someone in the vehicle. That person was reported to have refused medical treatment. 

Officers questioned the man and woman for a lengthy period, after which the man surrendered the dog to the officers. Both the man and woman were placed under arrest at the scene. The man has been charged on suspicion of DUI and other related charges.

The Compton Sheriff’s Station said they had received a call from someone claiming the dog had been stolen. Upon further investigation, however, authorities discovered that the dog did not belong to the caller. Authorities are still trying to determine whether the dog is stolen or belongs to the suspects.

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