Child Possibly Forced To Drive Car For Drunk Mother

It’s one thing to help your child pretend to drive in a big parking lot while you control the vehicle. It’s another to get caught with your kid driving in your lap while preparing to enter the interstate. A woman from Milwaukee is accused of doing this. The story is getting national attention and was reported by NBC Los Angeles.

A sheriff’s deputy saw the mother and 8-year-old child about to enter the interstate and pulled the vehicle over. The boy was in tears. He was afraid he was going to go to jail. The mother, according to the police, was drunk and uncooperative. She failed field sobriety tests and was taken to jail. The child was turned over to Child Protective Services.

Worse, the dash camera on the cruiser caught the woman making incriminating statements that will surely play a factor in the trial.

Children and alcohol don’t mix in any form. If you’re going to go out for the evening, find a babysitter and use a designated driver. Don’t take your children to the bar with you and never drive with them if you’ve been drinking. That is a good way to get your children taken by the state.

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