Cheerleading Coach Faces DUI Charges

Assuming that no one was hurt or killed in the process of a DUI, even just the minimum penalties can be overwhelming. For a first-time DUI conviction, a person is looking at the following penalties, at a minimum. A minimum of $1,800 in fines and assessments will be charged if found guilty. A minimum stay of 48-hours in jail, which can be waived, but at the cost of lengthening the suspension of license by 90 days. Speaking of license suspension, the minimum term is four months for a first time DUI conviction. A mandatory alcohol treatment program lasting three months and costing $500. All of these can be increased, depending on the circumstances surrounding the DUI arrest.

The Sacremento Bee reports on a cheerleading coach facing DUI charges after colliding with a tree while a student was in her vehicle.

Roseville High School’s cheerleading coach was arrested on Sunday after her vehicle collided with a tree at Sonoma State University.

The accident took place at Cheer Camp, which cheerleaders paid $449 each to attend for a 4-day camp.

22-year-old Gabrielle Vega was driving her vehicle with a 17-year-old student as a passenger when she hit a tree. No one was injured in the accident and there was minimal damage to the car.

One of the parent chaperones stayed at the camp with the teenagers following the arrest until parents arrived to pick their children up.

According to authorities, Vega had a blood alcohol content of .25, which is just over three times the legal limit.

Vega was arrested on suspicion of DUI and was released on $10,000 bail. Her next court appearance is scheduled for August 20th.

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