Car Spins Out Into Other Lane, Hits Transit Bus

A DUI during the holidays can put a major damper on the festivities. In fact, a DUI is one of the most expensive misdemeanor charges a person can face in California. There are different expenses, including administrative costs, the cost of deterrent programs, the cost of court fees and fines, insurance rate hikes, and the cost of bonding out of jail. A DUI that involves no injuries or deaths can have a price tag of nearly $15,649. This is the cost of a first time DUI and it can vary depending on where you are arrested. 

Fox 5 San Diego reports that one person has been injured in a collision that involved a North County Transit bus. 

The incident, which occurred on Monday, found one man being arrested on suspicion of DUI. 

Shortly before 9:10 p.m., a 39-year-old male was driving a Ford Focus south on South Mission Road. For unknown reasons, the car veered into the opposite lane and began to spin. It was then struck by a northbound North County Transit District bus. 

The driver of the Ford, whose name was not released, suffered from serious injuries in the crash. He was taken to Palomar Medical Center for treatment of those injuries. The injuries were not considered to be life-threatening. 

Three of the people on the bus, including the driver, suffered from minor injuries and complained of pain. They were evaluated on scene. 

After he is medically cleared, the driver will be booked into jail on DUI charges. 

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