Car Smashes Through Fontana Home

A multi-family unit in Fontana received a rude surprise in the early morning when an SUV plowed into the residence. NBC Los Angeles has reported on the incident.

The section where the SUV crash housed a family of six. Luckily, the children were not at home, but the parents were. The father was trapped underneath the vehicle and suffered broken bones. The mother was also injured. Both were taken to the hospital.

The family next door said that it felt like an earthquake or that someone was breaking and entering. The crash left a huge hole in the side of the house, which you can see in the linked news story.

According to the witnesses, the driver of the SUV announced that he was not driving under the influence. But when police came to investigate, he was arrested for that charge. Inspections are now underway to see if the home is structurally sound and to board over the hole until proper repairs can be performed. A gas line will also need to be replaced.

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