California Man Arrested in Las Vegas for 10th DUI

Fox News reports that a 62-year-old California man was arrested earlier this month for what would be his 10th DUI.

On May 1, just before 11:30 p.m., a Las Vegas Metro Police Department officer on patrol near H Street and Harrison heard a loud noise nearby and saw that a motorcyclist had crashed into a group of pedestrians.

“When I arrived, the motorcycle rider was next to his motorcycle and attempting to stand up but struggling to keep his balance,” the officer stated in his report. 

The motorcyclist, John Grant, told the investigating officer that he had slipped while riding due to oil accumulated on the pavement. The police officer, however, did not see any oil residue on the roadway.

The arrest report notes that Grant displayed symptoms of intoxication, including slurred speech and “an unsteady gait.”  The officer requested a DUI unit be sent to the scene.

After failing the DUI sobriety check, Grant was placed under arrest. During their search, officers found a glass pipe with crack residue in his jacket, along with some crack and methamphetamine in a prescription bottle.

A pistol was also found in one of the saddlebags of Grant’s motorcycle.

When questioned by officers, Grant responded, “I’ve got nothing to say to you.”

Grant was arrested at the scene and taken into custody.

Checking Grant’s background, police found that Grant had previous DUI convictions in Nevada from 1999, 2001, two in 2004, three times in 2009, and two more in 2012. Grant allegedly had two additional convictions in California; however, these were redacted from the report.

According to a statement issued by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, John Grant faces charges with previous DUI convictions, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a controlled substance of less than 14 grams.

A Clark County judge has set Grant’s court appearance for May 18.

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