California Insurance Increases after DUI Second Highest in Nation

One of the things that surprise people convicted of DUI is all of the additional penalties beyond the fine and the jail time. Suspended licenses, DUI school, probation fees, and many other penalties make DUI more expensive. Another thing made more expensive is car insurance, especially in California.

According to a report we found, the average bump in insurance costs after a DUI is around 62%. But in California, expect your rate to more than double, 128%, on average. Only one state bumps car insurance costs even higher, North Carolina.

The rates pulled for the report were for 30-year-old men who had no prior marks on their record. Just imagine how expensive it would be if you had multiple DUIs, or even just some speeding tickets, tacked onto your driving record. In some cases, an insurer can refuse your business outright if there are too many DUIs. And we all know that driving without insurance is illegal in its own right.

This is just one of the may reasons why it is so important to avoid a DUI conviction. The costs from increased insurance premiums can last for years. The cost of a DUI defense lawyer is paltry in comparison to the other penalties.

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