Brandon Davis Makes Public Appearance After DUI Crash


Celebrities aren’t immune to human mistakes. They happen, although it is more likely to make the news when a celebrity is charged with DUI than your average citizen. When the time comes, however, they still have to answer for their crimes.

Brandon Davis, the heir and grandson to billionaire oil and entertainment tycoon Marvin Davis appeared in society for the first time since he wrecked his Mercedes. He was seen dining with Nicky Hilton, heiress to the Hilton empire.

In the early hours of October 2, 2015, Davis was involved in a single car crash that totaled his Mercedes. The car rolled several times before coming to a stop. When help arrived, Davis was fitted with a neck brace and taken to the hospital. He was later arrested for DUI.

Davis had been well known on the party scene beginning in 2006, where he was routinely photographed with Nicky and Paris Hilton and dated actress Mischa Barton. Earlier in the evening on the night of the accident, he was seen drinking Matsuhisa Restaurant in Beverly Hills with Mike Comrie. Comrie is Hillary Duff’s ex-husband.

He was not formally charged with DUI until December.

Nicky Hilton pursuaded her friend to join her for dinner in New York earlier this month. Both arrived in separate cars and were dressed nicely.

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