Bicyclist Killed In Huntington Beach Crash

The Orange County Register reports that a cyclist was killed in Huntington Beach due to a suspected drunk driver last Friday. Huntington Beach police arrested the driver.

According to their statement, the bicyclist did not yield to traffic lights and tried crossing the Pacific Coast Highway on 1st Avenue. He was hit by a silver Toyota Yaris going westbound. Local paramedics took the unresponsive cyclist to the hospital where he died.

The driver of the Yaris stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators, but he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. The report does not state the evidence that led to the man’s arrest.

This is a clear case where the help of a DUI lawyer can be invaluable. The police already determined that the bicyclist was riding in an illegal manner and got hit by a car. Usually in this circumstance, the incident would be considered an accident and the driver would likely not face charges.

However, now this driver faces a DUI charge that could totally upend his life, despite the bicyclist being the cause of the incident. We hope he gets good representation so that this cyclist’s dangerous actions do not damage the driver’s record.

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