Bartender Arrested For Allegedly Serving Alcohol To Minor Who Crashed Their Car

There are a number of DUI arrests each year in California that involve drivers who are under the age of 21. An underage driver faces more penalties in a DUI case than a driver who is of the age to drink alcohol legally. Usually, the requirement for a blood-alcohol level in a DUI case is 0.08%. For those under 21, any level of alcohol can mean that the driver will face charges. With a BAC of 0.05% or greater, this counts as a DUI under California law. The driver will face a criminal charge and if convicted, will have a DUI on their record. 

KTLA reports that a Sacramento bartender has been arrested for allegedly serving alcohol to a minor who later crashed, killing her passenger. 

Bartender Kelly Woodward was arrested outside The Cinch, a dive bar located on Florin Road. The arrest stems from the allegation that the bartender served alcohol to 19-year-old Ainise Taimani in May. She was served just a few hours before she was involved in a crash on Highway 12 in San Joaquin County. Her cousin was killed, and another passenger was injured. They were both ejected from the car upon impact. 

Following the crash, the California Highway Patrol arrested Taimani on charges of DUI manslaughter along with other charges. Her arrest triggered an investigation into where she obtained the alcohol. 

Before Taimani went to the bar, she also purchased alcohol at the Hollywood Market & Liquor store located on Stockton Boulevard. 

Authorities are currently seeking disciplinary action against both the bar and the store where Taimani obtained the alcohol. The possible penalties range from suspending to revoking the alcohol license for each business.

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