A Bad Day for Two People in Orange

One accident is all it takes to send two people’s lives into a tailspin. In today’s story, one of the people is an Orange police officer. The other is a driver suspected of DUI.

The officer was parked at North Cambridge Street near Walnut Avenue. He was retrieving an item from the trunk when he was hit by the alleged DUI driver crashed into the back of the patrol car after veering too far over to the right. The officer was crushed between the two cars. The accident happened at 3 AM and it’s unknown if the officer’s lights were on at the time.

The impact was so severe that three other parked cars were damaged in the crash. The officer was taken Orange County Global Medical Center for trauma care. The driver suffered minor cuts and was taken to a separate hospital. As of this writing, the officer is in serious but stable condition.

The officers may have arrested the driver for DUI, but until it is proven in the court of law it is only an allegation. It is unknown if the driver was forced to give a blood sample for BAC testing or not. Regardless of the situation, if you’ve been charged with DUI there are ways to reduce or even eliminate your charges depending on the circumstances. If you’ve been accused of DUI, don’t let it ruin your life. Call our offices for a free consultation. Our lawyers serve all of Los Angeles County.

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