Attending DUI School Gets More Expensive

In California, a DUI can cost a person more than just an inconvenient day or night in jail. There are fines and penalties that can amount to over a few thousand dollars. One of those expenses is mandatory enrollment in DUI school. These schools can cost hundreds of dollars and students may be required to attend for up to ninety days. Now, attending DUI school may cost residents of Ventura County more than it used to. The Ventura County Star reports on the budget shortfall that is raising the cost of the program.

The increase in fees for the required classes are the first since 2009 and come as a result of a budget shortfall.  The shortfall, amounting to $526,000, will be partially covered by the $150,000 in additional funds it will add this year. During the next fiscal year, the program is expected to generate $524,000.

The fee increase is only part of the attempt to generate more funding and cut costs. The staff has been reassigned and purchases of supplies have been postponed. There have been no layoffs.

One of the reasons for the budget shortfall is the fact that enrollments are down. Though people in the state must complete a state-required class, evidence indicates that the number of DUI arrests are down. This is pushing down the amount of revenue the program generates.

The fees will rise from $279 to $301 for a 12-hour program. The fees for the 9-month program will rise from $1851 to $2071.


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