Atlanta Braves Player Marcell Ozuna Booed After DUI Arrest

Mark Harris of reports that Marcell Ozuna of the Atlanta Braves was arrested on Friday night on suspicion of DUI. Baseball fans loudly expressed disappointment and displeasure with him at Sunday’s game against the Houston Astros.

According to a statement issued by the Atlanta Police Department, officers pulled Ozuna at approximately 12:30 a.m. when the baseball player was clocked going approximately 90 miles per hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone in Norcross.

Ozuna pulled over his vehicle and promptly told the officer, “Sorry, I am Ozuna from the Braves.”

Police officers said they detected “the odor of an alcoholic beverage from inside the vehicle.” In addition, Ozuna displayed other characteristics consistent with alcohol intoxication, including red, watery eyes. 

When asked what he was doing in Norcross, Ozuna told them he was going to a party. Officers later learned that Ozuna was on his way to an after-hours nightclub. He was arrested and then later released.

A spokesperson for the ball club told reporters that they “take such matters very seriously and are obviously very disappointed in the situation.” When asked about any legal matters, the spokesperson for the Atlanta Braves declined to comment.

In a brief statement, Ozuna told reporters in a statement lasting less than 30 seconds that he was disappointed and that he had disappointed his team and his family.

Ozuna refused to take any further questions on the matter.

On Sunday, Ozuna was the eighth player up at bat. The crowd booed him when he was introduced and booed him even louder after he struck out. Ozuna reportedly struck out again during the game’s fifth inning.

Ozuna was previously arrested in May of 2021 on aggravated assault by strangulation and battery when police officers witnessed him attack his wife. The charges were later dropped after having completed a pre-trial diversion program.

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