Another Motel Pool Crash Blamed On DUI

We recently wrote about a story where a vehicle crashed into a hotel pool. Well, it happened again! NBC Los Angeles reported on a story in the Simi Valley where a vehicle crashed into a Motel 6 pool.

The accident happened at the Motel 6 at 2566 Erringer Rd. Unlike the previous crash where several people were injured, this crash happened in the early morning hours. Police discovered the truck floating in the pool with the driver and the passenger at the scene.

Upon investigation, the police arrested the driver for misdemeanor DUI. No word from the report about what happened to the passenger. It appears that no one was hurt in the incident, but it’ll be a long while before that pool is safe to swim in again.

If you get into an unusual crash, a trip to the police station for an explanation is par for the course. So is a DUI test. The authorities love to explain away unusual crashes by a DUI charge. But while alcohol can cause some crazy crashes, not every crazy crash is the result of DUI.

We don’t know what the officers saw in this case to arrest the driver for DUI, but we hope that the driver receives adequate representation. Accidents late at night can be caused by all sorts of things besides drunk driving.

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