Another DUI Charge For An Officer

If you were old enough during the 1990s, you probably remember the Rodney King incident and the following trial. When several of the officers were acquitted, riots in Los Angeles followed. Not all officers were acquitted in his beating. Two were sentenced to 30 months in jail for their role in the incident. One of those officers was the supervisor on scene, Stacey Koon. Though he has long since been released from jail, Koon was more recently arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in California. CBS Local Los Angeles reports on the story.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 2nd. According to authorities, 67-year-old Koon was driving alone in a 1999 GMC Yukon when he struck a parked vehicle. That vehicle was a 2004 Ford Super Duty Pickup Truck.

Koon suffered no significant injuries at the time of the crash. He submitted to a blood test and although the results were not released, officials with the California Highway Patrol said that he was over the legal limit by a “decent amount.”

Authorities reported that Koon was cooperative throughout his arrest and the investigation.

He was booked into the Santa Clarita Valley Station and was subsequently released.

Koon is best known for his involvement in the beating of Rodney King. He, along with one other officer, was convicted of using excessive force during the arrest that made nationwide news. All other officers were acquitted, sparking riots in Los Angeles and other cities.


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